High Point Market Spotlight: A Recap of the Latest Trends and Designs

High Point Market Spotlight: A Recap of the Latest Trends and Designs

We’ve just returned from the bustling epicenter of interior design and home furnishings – High Point Market, and we’re thrilled to share our exciting discoveries with you. This biannual event welcomed over 75,000 industry enthusiasts, offering a tantalizing feast of style, functionality, and trends for your homes. The event was a platform to connect with the latest consumer movements, witness a multitude of innovative product launches, network with peers, and find brilliant strategies to elevate our businesses.

Here’s a glimpse of the remarkable highlights we stumbled upon at High Point Market:

The Grey Reimagined: Contrary to the rumors of grey’s demise, we observed a vibrant resurgence in this timeless color palette. Today’s greys are leaning toward the warm tones of taupe and sage, seamlessly complemented with caramel, cream, chocolate, terra cotta, and ocher. These delightful combinations create neutral palettes that exude warmth and depth, proving that grey remains a versatile and enduring choice.

A World of Details: The magic is in the details, and High Point Market reinforced this adage. Mirrors, especially those in unique and quirky shapes, became a focal point of attention. These eye-catching accessories offered a fresh perspective on how mirrors can be both functional and artistic additions to interior spaces.

Metallic Moments: This fall, the industry embraced a resurgence of gold, brass, and other warm metallic finishes across various furniture categories. Warm metallics also made their presence felt in wall coverings, adding a touch of radiance. On the flip side, dark metallics like iron exuded a hand-forged and matte quality that spoke to a sense of rustic elegance.

Stunning Stone: Heavy and monolithic stone continued to reign supreme as a dominant material choice, particularly for dining and occasional tables. Stone’s enduring appeal was evident, showing that it can effortlessly blend traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

Our experience at High Point Market left us filled with inspiration, excitement, and a trove of exquisite finds for our clients’ homes. We had the privilege of forging new relationships with innovative vendors while rekindling old friendships within the showrooms. It’s been an incredible journey, and we can’t wait to bring these fresh design perspectives to life in your living spaces.

The Yanni Custom Furniture & Design Team

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