To The Trade

All qualified interior designers, decorators, architects and real estate developers are invited to join the Yanni Custom Trade Program.

You will enjoy preferred access to a broad range of products and styles at an exclusive price. Our globally sourced collections of furniture, rugs, curtains, wall décor and room accents will help you create environments that appeal to your clients’ respective tastes and budgets.

Eligible members will receive a discount based on volume of sales according to our 3-tiered program.

How To Join

To qualify, please submit the form below. Note: the following information is required:

  • Interior Design Certification/Major Design Organization identification OR Valid membership to a major residential or commercial development business organization.
  • Resale or Sales Tax Certificate number.
  • Copy of business card with your design profession.
To The Trade

email All Documents to

Maximum upload size: 8MB

Upload all certifications, business cards, certificates and trade documents here. You may upload multiple files at once.

Yanni Custom reserves the right to make all membership determinations at our sole discretion.