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Yanni Outdoor Cover Warehouse specializes in getting you the right RV covers for your needs. We do this by offering a wide variety of RV covers made from the most durable fabric materials including Durapel and Tru-Weave. Outdoor Cover Warehouse carries industry leading RV cover brands such as Goldline, S2 Expedition, Expedition and Traveler.
Yanni Outdoor Cover Warehouse RV cover products are built to demanding quality specifications. You can always rest assured that our RV and trailer covers will protect your investment from the harshest elements nature can dish out. Every one of our RV covers is designed and manufactured to perform season after season for years to come, protecting your RV or trailer from damaging UV rays, rain, snow and ice. Innovative features, quality fabric and best fit are all found in every one of our RV cover products.
If you plan to own your RV for more than a few years, you will save time and money in the long run by investing in a protective RV Cover.
  • Designed for all climates and long-term storage
  • Significantly reduces premature aging of RV and helps maintain resale value.
  • Keeps Roof clean to reduce black-streaks from forming on sides of RV.
  • Reduces need for washing, waxing and roof treatments.
  • Protection against harmful UV rays that can cause unwanted cracking and fading on your RV.

Every cover from Yanni Outdoor Cover Warehouse is high quality and manufactured to meet our demanding specifications. All materials used are tested to withstand weather extremes to protect your RV from rain, snow, ice, UV, dirt and grime. Keeping your motorhome covered during the off season will help prolong the life of your RV and keep it looking good for many years to come.