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Catalog VS Custom

Your favorite catalog has arrived. Everyone loves it, you love it! So, the glass of wine is poured, and you are situated on the sofa. Time for you to peruse its contents to dream your design for your perfect room straight from the catalog.

Should you? I mean, that rug though. It’s pretty, but is it really you? What about that chair by the window? Is it too big for your space? And that price! Yikes! The design feels like it needs a little tweak…. More…more of YOU! We have all been there. The decision to shop the catalog and be done, or should we customize the look? I think I have the answers you seek. What if I said you can get a beautifully crafted, custom designed room that can’t be bought from a catalog for the same price? Or even LESS? It sounds more than amazing, right?

As part of the design team at Yanni, this is what we do! We put custom rooms together using furniture and items from our vendors. We create a custom look sculptured uniquely for YOU! Finding your perfect vibe for your space with Yanni gives you a more beautifully crafted room that is ALL YOU, and no one else. It’s really an easy, easy choice!

Check out our Catalog vs Custom to compare and contrast these similar looks below.

If you choose to work with a Yanni designer, you can get the furnishings that are customized specificly for YOU.  We talk about what you like and don’t like. You’ll show us pictures of rooms you love or light fixtures that make you swoon. We will measure and remeasure every corner of your space. Then, we will create custom furniture layouts and design boards that are perfect for you, and you only. But, it’s up to you…. if you want a room that looks like you ordered it from a catalog, do it. But if you want a room that is uniquely you and makes you feel Ah-mazig when you come home, call us. We will design and execute the perfect room that you will love completely.

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DADO Coffee Table GZ-1022-18
Harley Mirror, Antique Mirror HLY-670-70
KOBA Chair Maya White JM-1002-18
KOBA Sofa Maya White JM-1001-18
Magnus Floor Lamp D3226

~Lori Clementi