Why custom-designed furniture and decor?

Why custom-designed furniture and decor?

You’ve decided to change the look of your home or decorate a new space — and you want to be inspired.

So you begin looking…and looking…and looking. You can end up spending countless hours wandering through department and furniture stores, viewing an overwhelming number of items without ever finding what you truly want.

Decorating should be an exciting, positive experience! This is exactly why choosing custom-designed pieces — whether it’s a sofa or window treatment, rugs or a vase — is the smart way to fill your home with style and comfort. 

Don’t waste your time looking for what you really want where you’ll never find it. We’ll design your perfect piece — in the size, color, fabric and style you’ve always dreamed of. And we’re happy to work with your favorite designer, too.

Let us guide you in creating just the right look for your home. Come see all that Yanni has to offer at our showroom.

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